The National Yes Network is made up of people who are members of local Yes groups all across Scotland. We connect with independence supporters, providing a space where we can share and help each other on our journey to independence. We work together with mutual support and respect.

Why should I join the National YES Network?

The benefits of becoming connected through NYN are many.  

We will be:

  • Sharing good practice
  • Keeping you informed
  • Directing you to funding
  • Pointing you to resources
  • Promoting events
  • Offering training
  • Providing a forum for speakers
  • Building and maintaining a network for sharing materials

We were involved in the distribution of the booklet “Independence in Your Pocket” to Networks all over Scotland in September 2021, and we continue to build strong links with other Independence bodies across Scotland. If you are interested in joining us, you can register here.

It is free to join the NYN, all you need to do give us your group’s/network’s contact details, and keep your communications details (name, email, telephone number, etc.) up-to-date so that we can communicate important information to all our registered groups.  

Our Data Controller ensures that data storage and use is safe, agreed by you and fully GDPR compliant. To find out more about this read our PRIVACY page.

Registering with National YES Network

The process of registering will link you with the web of Independence supporters who are determined to win independence but are often working in isolation. 

Our members are the Local Yes Groups themselves. With each group that registers we strengthen the movement and the cause.

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